The SEAL in a form of a GEAR symbolizes technology. We are now in a technology-conscious world, and SIT is fully aware of that.

The INNER CIRCLE stands for the never ending process of educating the masses.

The bis “S” within the circle means SERVICE, a sincere commitment of the Founder to humanity.

The TINY SQUARE-SHAPED symbol within the big “S” represents the slide-rule – a device which is a “must” to every technologian.

The TRIPOD-LIKE ROOF above the “S” symbolizes all aspects of educational development the very core of which is the construction-oriented exposure of students to love work and value dignity of labor as part of their training.

SIT offers Education, Engineering, Basic Technology, and Engineering Review. These are strongly manifested in the sturdy CASTLE-SHAPED COLUMNS, whose foundations have withstood all challenges of the times through the years.

The LAMP, with all its glow and brilliance, symbolizes Education – the light of our lives. It is our inspiration. Its rays radiate and reach out to all those grope in the dark. And then… 1983, the year when the doors of SIT were thrown open to the arena of educational commitment. This was the year when a handful of 211 eager and excited pioneers blazed the skies for brighter horizons.

The BLUE SYMBOLS against a WHITE BACKGROUND are beautiful combinations for loyalty and purity. SIT is committed to serve the community with highest standard of education and training. Its programs are designed in accordance with the aims and objectives and in conformity with the aspirations of the youth and of the Commision on Higher Education.